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Yes its very hard to find love if your not the socialite type. I just have to point out that the terms here are a little mixed up or my last psych professor might find me and fail me. As for actual advice, I don't think I have anything to add that everyone before me hasn't already said.

Your profile is awesome, so there's not much I could suggest, except maybe for the first date thing.

maybe its because I resent the fact that I am in constant compatition with other guys, and in someway being compared to them.

I know many of you dont understand that, but I see it all the time.

No, you don't have to be sociable to find someone: but you do have to be careful of giving yourself no chance at all to meet anyone and to be careful of contradictions. :) I too am somewhat unsocial, I have to make an effort to meet people and go out.

I mean: don't be turning someone down because they aren't bubbly and outgoing...honey, first of all, let me say that i enjoyed your profile very much..i wasn't already committed i would so write you...but, in answer to your question.... ...i am very much a homebody, always have been & always will be & i met a man just like me on this very site, so we are out there, bro, just takes some time...gotta kiss alotta frogs...i disagree 110% with most of the people on here..being close to home & not dealing with all those a$$holes out there is what makes you happy, you just keep on truckin', sweetie....there is someone who will fit right in your lifestyle...don't be a settler..on here & find what you really want...i was never good at the whole people thing my jobs were alweays very people oriented & i just got sick to death of dealing with them..the time i got off work i didn't want to talk to anybody..sounds of silence were beautiful & being alone was a precious gift..people do not do well with solitude but i enjoy the he// outta my own company & i applaud others who can do the same...i do hope you find the one for you..the faith, baby & don't let the durty ba$tards get you down! I don't consider myself anti-social as I love my family & spending time with people, just not so much in bars or crowds. Well I get that alot, most people think I dont SEEM anti-social, but thats because I do talk, I'm well read and have an outgoing personality, I just dont like being around gruops, part of that is because I have worked in clubs as a bounce so my mind goes into " hulk smash" mode when I am around alot of people I dont know.

Those with ASPD cannot find love because they are incapable of loving another person. People who have ASPD are usually referred to as sociopaths but most psychiatrists believe they are two seperate disorders.

I have heard the term theres a time and a place, well if this aint the place then I dont want to be here.

I like quiet times alone but want a good man to be alone with and devote myself too if that makes any sence.

I think i am this way because I been working customer service all my life and surrounded by drama 9 hours a day at my job so i look forward to finding some sort of relaxing environment in the evenings and weekends. Asocial is the term used to describe simply not liking being around people.

Good luck, you're not alone in feeling this I dont like going to the gym, I have weights at home.

I dont like being around groups of people mostly because there are other guys I may be anti-social because when in the presents of other males I do tend to be jumpy and adversarial I have a few close friends who are male but I have known them since highschool.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... We met each other here in the forums and now we are anti-social together -- and very happy we are too. Our almost equally anti-social friend met a girl on this site last week.