Apolo ohno dating

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Apolo ohno dating

And then he has to take her cape off and re-attach it, a harder move than it looks.

Oh, and the split that Witney injured herself attempting earlier.

Though Drew said he doesn't have the same ability Corbin has, Emma has added in a risky move that could either "be great..hospitalizing." No pressure!

"I have never been so nervous in 25 seasons," Tom Bergeron admitted of the move, which they pulled off.

But Carrie Ann suggested he stay "in the beat." For Len, it was a little "too much hip hop and not enough hip action." Oh, and there was another injury, as Witney hurt her leg practicing a split for their second routine, which speaking of...

For their Argentine tango, it was a tribute to Jordan's role as a big brother to his two younger siblings (and even to Lindsay).

For Len, it criticized that it was not a proper Argentine tango.

"You can boo your head off," Len told the audience.

Victoria was clearly upset after her elimination, crying as Val consoled her, saying he was "so proud" of her.

Her parents and the rest of the cast then came out and joined her, proving that Drew Scott and Emma Slater: 24/30 The Property Brothers star tapped into his Scottish side for his tango, even wearing a kilt (which he also plans to do for his wedding).

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Jordan and Lindsay chose to recreate a Jive routine to "Proud Mary" originally done by Paige Van Zant and Mark Ballas, which is super fast-paced and energetic.

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