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I read articles online in French about ‘the scene that shocked America! There’s a puritanical part of this culture that perhaps seems a little immature to the rest of the world.” Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of HBO’s The Leftovers, adds that the lack of male genitalia on television creates an arbitrary distinction, as if “the fine line between art and porn is seeing a guy’s dong.

That’s what our culture has decided.” This has its advantages, Treem says. “Our desires are so hidden — we’re so whitewashed in terms of what we think is acceptable behavior, which allows for great storytelling potential, even if it makes life itself a little bit miserable.” Producers on shows where nudity is more commonplace, such as Shameless and Game of Thrones, gauge an actor’s comfort with undressing during auditions and require that all hired actors sign clauses in their contracts stating they are willing to be naked on camera.

If there is a poster child for female exposure, it’s Game of Thrones.

The HBO show uses nude women in so many scenes, it’s been the subject of countless think pieces, and a Saturday Night Live skit in which a 13-year-old boy handles the show’s casting.

This fall, Chris Zylka and Christopher Eccleston stripped down in different episodes of HBO’s The Leftovers.

Ben Daniels used his bare penis in an act of aggression on Flesh and Bone.

“We feel protective of the guy — is he going to get erect? “With women, you’re really just seeing boobs and pubic hair. With a guy, it’s game on.” Penises “are kind of sacred,” Treem agrees.

“To really break it down, what we’re comfortable seeing is women’s breasts and men’s asses — I don’t think we’re comfortable with full-frontal on anybody. But it’s not up to me because I’m not the one that has to do it.” For Lindelof, it comes down to aesthetics.

In this case, it’s being used to express vulnerability.

But, legally, an actor reserves the right to change his or her mind moments before a scene is filmed, according to Screen Actors Guild rules.

Shows that feature nudity less frequently handle it on a case-by-case basis with the actor.

Shows like HBO’s Oz, Boardwalk Empire, Sex and the City, Starz’s Spartacus, and Showtime’s Weeds have gradually been destigmatizing onscreen male genitalia.

“People are becoming more and more comfortable with their sexuality,” says Nancy Pimental, executive producer of Shameless, which featured full-frontal male nudity in its pilot in 2011.

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Depending on whom you talk to, philosophies on stripping down vary.