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Dating japanese sword

A tradition says that the Ashina-Kanemitsu went to Munenobu´s father Endō Motonobu (遠藤基信, 1532-1585), but four years earlier Motonobu had followed his lord Date Terumune (伊達輝宗, 1544-1585) – Masamune´s father – in death at the fall of Kurokawa Castle. Chronicles of the Date family note that Masamune wore later „at home“ in Sendai Castle (仙台城) either the Kuronbogiri-Kagehide, the Habaki-Kuniyuki (鎺国行), or the Watari Rai Kunimitsu (亘理来 国光).

It is said that the Habaki-Kuniyuki has its name from the fact that the swordsmith Rai Kuniyuki forged the blade in one piece with its collar ( for this sword with the incredible high value of 100 gold pieces.

During the Sengoku period they allied themselves with the Date (伊達) and were later amonst the major vassals of the powerful warlord Date Masamune (伊達政宗, 1567-1636).

So maybe it was in this context that the sword came into the possession of the latter.

One of them was the so-called Ashina-Kanemitsu (芦名兼光), a year of Tenshō (天正, 1589) Masamune took advantage of succession disputes within the Ashina family and captured their castle Kurokawa (黒川城).

Contemporary reports say that more than 2.000 men were killed at that time and many swords were destroyed.

After a short moment of shock the confusion was cleared up and the attentive man was of course not punished.

He cut through the chest of the man and penetrated about 20 cm of the mount with the tip of the sword.

Obviously they were in the mood for joking on that day because Kiyomasa said: “Someone should give me a spade so that I can dig out the sword.” Because the executed man had very dark skin Masamune gave the blade the nickname Kuronbogiri.

It is possible that this tradition was more known amongst the of the late Edo-period Sendai fief than the story of the executed Korean man with the dark skin.

Anyway, as befits a man of his position, Date Masamune also had a respectable sword collection of which I would like to introduce some pieces in the following.

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Thereupon he nicknamed the blade Shokudaikiri-Mitsutada (燭台斬り光忠, lit. When Tokugawa Yorifusa (徳川頼房, 1603-1661), the first generation of the Mito-Tokugawa branch, stayed at the Date residence some years later, Masamune told him about the story of the Mitsutada and the candle holder and showed him the sword in question.

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