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In a sea of quantum uncertainty the eigenfunction (from the German "eigen" which means " personal", "private", "special") stands as a welcome island of 100% predictibility--something in quantum physics that you can always count on.

Today's physicists represent everything in the world from cats to electrons as "state vectors" dwelling in an abstract realm called Hilbert space.

But the hydrogen wavefunction IS AN EIGENFUNCTION of the observables Energy (E), Angular Momentum (L) and M, the projection of the angular momentum upon the z-axis.

If you choose to make a measurement of one of these observables, either E, or L or M (or all three together) on a hydrogen atom in one of its allowed quantum states, then you will get a precise result with zero uncertainty.

Not all data can be stored on a "public" cloud — meaning a cloud server that is maintained by someone such as Google, Amazon or Rackspace.

As we discussed earlier this month: Individual states and countries have different laws governing how data is stored, according to the report.

In the classical case we know exactly what the mathematics means; in the quantum case we are not so sure.

Rather than running an application off of your computer, you run an instance — usually in a web app (but you can do it using mobile too) directly from the Internet.Instead of having to maintain your own rack of servers to create an application, you can rent time and computing power from companies that will only charge you for what you use.For the sake of simplicity, we're going to ignore cloud providers for now, and just focus on the trustworthiness of consumer and business-focused cloud services.You choose what you want to measure (and because of Heisenberg, each choice of observable demands a renunciation of knowing some complementary observable) and by a simple operation on the abstract state vector you can calculate the outcome of a measurement of the chosen observable in real life.The enormous practical success of quantum theory is dimmed only slightly by the fact that what the state vector actually "means" is still a controversial issue.

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