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It was noted as one of the largest Eastern ports by the Roman geographer Ptolemy in the 1st century. The natural harbour of Chittagong is an ancient gateway to the region of Bengal.

Because I have profiles on many other websites and I could not find my life partner there. Read More » There are so many websites, where you can find Indian Girls Mobile Numbers. The port city has been known by various names in history, including Chatigaon, Chatigam, Chattagrama, Islamabad, Chattala, Chaityabhumi and Porto Grande De Bengala. This makes Chittagong the crossroads of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia."This section will help you to improve your English for business and work.Watch videos, listen to audio and read texts with a focus on the world of business and work" AS far I know 'help' is a bare infinitive verb which does not go 'to' but here 'to improve' makes me confused. Hello Rahim Dhaka, Both 'help you to improve' and 'help you improve' are correct patterns.

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Where they may be ambiguity the speaker may add extra emphasis in the way you suggest.

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