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Mr Cox didn't own a watch at the time so Newman gave him one which he said 'keeps good time'.Following his separation with Nell Newman, the pair remained good friends and they consigned the watch together at auction.According to Captain Laurence Martin, he then snatched the watch and fled the store.Witnesses reported that he may have jumped into a Ford Fusion-type car with Florida plates which was waiting for him outside.A man dressed in a white medical coat and scrubs is wanted by police after being recorded taking a Rolex watch worth ,500 from a jewelry store.The man - whose outfit even included an ID tag - wandered into Michael Anthony Jewelers in the Wayne's Willow Brook Mall, New Jersey. The suspect is thought to have then asked to see a Rolex Presidential watch after explaining he had just worked 16 hours straight and was keen to buy himself a birthday present.

Huygens, the Pendulum, and the Cycloid, MSWord 3.0 MB Reinier Plomp. Keith Piggott 'The Coster Fromanteel Contract', its continued place in modern scholarship. A brief compilation on French Comtoise clocks (Morbiers).

He said 'take this - it keeps good time'.'Paul Newman's second life was as a racing driver but he had a serious motorbike accident so his wife was concerned about him racing.

Rolexes are prized by owners for their beauty and precision – but can also be a sound financial investment.

Known as the silver anniversary, the 25th is a monumental event in every couple's marriage.

Surprise your husband with a gift that expresses your love and gratitude for the years you have spent together.

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