Shia labeouf admits dating rihanna

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Shia labeouf admits dating rihanna

Caruso says the first time he saw La Beouf read, he felt like he was watching a young John Cusack. "But the more time you spent with him, he La Beouf says that his role models are the "stand and deliver" types, guys like Steve Mc Queen and Paul Newman, who don't feel the need to "change it up every time or come up with the mannerism that makes each character different.You just feel the performance, and you care immensely, because it's coming from an honest place." He can be very modest about his looks and talent, but it's clear he has a canny sense of his place in the business.Part of this is standard Hollywood hype—that's what you say when your star is more funny than handsome.But there is something to the comparison Both actors win over audiences not through Shakespearean talent or leadingman looks but with a kind of appealing smartassness—a mix of wit and ease and confidence that may be even more important to big boxoffice results than good looks or character acting."He has the most ridiculous collection," La Beouf says."He's got a gun for every movie he's made.

The setup was, in part, a scheme to help his father stay clean.

"When I first saw Shia, I was amazed at how someone so young could be so unselfconscious," he says.

"In a sense, it's not always what an actor says that impresses me. He seems closer to audiences in his ability to be himself.""One time Steven told me to come to his house ready to go skeet shooting," says La Beouf.

His mom also enrolled him in the Big Brother program, and he got paired with a stuntman, who took him to film sets.

"I didn't know anything about being humble then," he says.

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"Believe it or not, it's a good date," he says.

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