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That said, our standard is that we will never accept advertising from a product which we wouldn't use ourselves.t is estimated that about 40 million Americans do not have a bank account. For many, they are unable to qualify for a bank account because of past bounced checks.And if you know of other prepaid card offers that you think should be added to the list, please leave a comment. I'm at Day 26 in your 31 day money challenge podcast. I've been looking for a comprehensive guide to all-things-money and this has been so informative." --Danielle Get Instant Access!Editorial Disclosure: This content is not provided by American Express. Unless a post is clearly marked "Sponsored", however, products mentioned in editorial articles and reviews are based on the author's subjective assessment of their value to readers, not compensation.Compensation may impact how and where products appear on non-editorial pages (e.g., comparison or "marketplace" pages).As a result, prepaid cards can be used anywhere that Visa debit or Master Card debit cards are accepted (which is just about everywhere).You can also use prepaid cards at ATM machines to withdraw cash.

Want to know more about Consumer Affairs accredited brands? FIND OTHER COMPANIESAfter spending on a six month subscription we were kicked off 24 hours later for openly admitting we are polyamorous and they only gave us a refund. No one has returned any of our phone calls we've only received emails, for being a large corporation the way they run things is pathetic. You don’t have to go to the trouble and expense of driving to a check cashing store to cash your paycheck. If you receive a government or benefits check, you can also have it deposited directly onto prepaid cards for no fee.There is one other important benefit to these cards–online bill pay.There are several prepaid cards that will waive all fees if you have your paycheck direct deposited to the card.With direct deposit, your paycheck will be added to your card on payday.

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