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Updating msn 2016

For now, we can only recommend you these two solutions, as Microsoft still didn’t come up with a fix, which started a real fuss on Microsoft Answer pages, but maybe the company will release it in the future, so if you’re still unable to run Weather app, even after performing these solutions, maybe you should just wait for the fix.

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What I really want to know is what's causing this thing to happen to me? Whatever this is it still seems to be happening with that computer.

it never did it before so I'm trying to work out what changed to cause it, it happened BEFORE I made the updates that day so they weren't the cause. Unblock it if you don't want to change the registry entry! I never disabled this NCSI thing on purpose but maybe it was disabled by some background task or during an update or something.

I hadn't changed any setting on anything between the previous time I used the machine and the time I used it and found this strange automatic webpage opening. More info: What do Microsoft and NCSI have in common? The article is helpful, but it doesn't seem to say how to re-enable the thing to work, only that I can use the registry edit to stop the system "wanting" to try to connect to this ncsi page.

I need to work out if this is a virus or something nasty like that, can anyone think of whether this is the sort of symptom a virus might cause, or whether anyone knows of non-viral causes for the phenomenon I've experienced here? Maybe the ncsi thing is somehow being blocked by my network/isp but I doubt that as my other computer connects via the same method and has never had the browser spring open and navigate to msn's page upon connection of the ethernet cable.

It went to the following URL, which appears a genuine URL, I have done some searching on google trying to find others having this issue and some say they've had something similar but on startup, not upon connecting to the internet several minutes after logging into the computer.

The "problem" is this bizarre opening of that particular page upon first insertion of the ethernet lead on any given day.

The lin below discusses it but is by someone using server 2012 and happened at log on not when he connected, but for all one knows his system could have been permanently plugged into ethernet/wifi.

The ethernet cable had been in another computer of mine a few minutes before I plugged it into the computer on which this effect happened, with that computer had browsed to a few websites (not msn) and opened some articles to read then took the ethernet cable out of that machine, left it several minutes and then put it into the machine where msn opened so strangely.

The page you linked to is about problems connecting in the first place, it doesn't have anything about "my browser automatically opens and navigates to a particular webpage the first time I connect".

As for 3 troubleshooting options on it, there are loads of troubleshooters described, but all for issues unrelated to this one.

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