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Updating path in linux

PATH variable can store multiple folders names with : as separator. Example2: I have my scripts located in /home/surendra-anne/scripts.I want to execute my scripts without running sh or bash before executing it.This is because the $PATH is the list of directories in which the system searches for executable programs, scripts, or files.Imagine trying to run the and so on, that your computer needs to be able to find when you invoke them at the command line.If you want to keep this PATH variable after reboots too then you have to set it permanently.For single user: Edit ~/.profile(for KSH shell ) or ~/.bashrc (for Bash shell) for adding PATH variable in it as shown below.We can do this now from any directory, because the PATH has been updated to look for executable programs in our new directory.The command: is appropriate when you want to set a PATH variable customized for a single user of the system.

There are plenty of other shells you can use, such as the C Shell and the tcsh shell.You can set the PATH for only a certain user, for all users, or for only certain types of command shells.However, it's a good idea to not fiddle with system-wide PATH settings unless you really know what you are doing.If you wanted to set PATH for all users of a system, there are better ways to do so, which we cover further on in this guide. This ensures that we preserve the current value of PATH, and just add any additional directories on to the PATH, after the $PATH variable. We can now access the new PATH at the command line.If you do not do this, you will overwrite the PATH variable entirely, and miss critical directories the system needs to be on the PATH. It has been set permanently and will stay the same between multiple logins into the system.

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A path to a file is a combination of / and alpha-numeric characters. PATH variable is system variable or environment variable used to store binaries/commands location/folder so that we no need to type complete path to execute the commands/binaries.

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