Updating ssl 2 0 to ssl 3 0

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Updating ssl 2 0 to ssl 3 0

However, SSL v3.0 is getting very old and recent developments, such as the POODLE vulnerability have shown that SSL v3.0 is now completely insecure (especially for web sites using it). In fact, as a result of POODLE, SSL v3 is being disabled on web sites all over the world and for many other services as well.Even before the POODLE was set loose, the US Government had already mandated that SSL v3 not be used for sensitive government communications or for HIPAA-compliant communications. SSL v3.0 is effectively “dead” as a useful security protocol.Sometimes, you have only the option to specify the port and if you should be making a secure connection or not and the program itself from that what method should be used …many old email programs like Outlook and Mac Mail did that.The newer TLS versions, if properly configured, prevent the BEAST and other attack vectors and provide many stronger ciphers and encryption methods.Unfortunately, even now a majority of web sites do not use the newer versions of TLS and permit weak encryption ciphers.

IMAP) should take steps to remove that support at the soonest software update maintenance window.Both methods ensure that your data is encrypted as it is transmitted across the Internet.They also both enable you to be sure that the server that you are communication with is the server you intend to contact and not some “middle man eavesdropper“.We recommend turning off SSL v2 and SSL v3 (they provide no real security).Some web sites may support SSL v3 only; if you encounter one of these …

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